After Delivering Super-fast internet through fiber pipes, Google is now all set to provide wireless internet. Testing has already started in over a dozen U.S. cities- and may soon offer the benefit in more places.

As per FCC filing, Alphabet’s internet and cable arm is seeking the permission to test wireless broadband tech in 24 U.S. locations, including at least 12 cities. It would set another milestone in Fiber’s strategy to build out a nationwide broadband network that will be cost effective and much faster, if approved. It will try out experimental transmitters over the 3.4 to 3.8 MHZ frequency range.

It includes some of the locations where wired fiber is already operating like San Francisco as well as   locations where it is not available like Boulder, Colorado, Provo, Utah and Reston, Virginia.

Since acquiring Webpass, a tiny internet provider that uses similar tech, back in June that already served fiber internet to tens of thousands of potential customers, Alphabhat has been more upfront.

Only google employees, contractors and “Trusted Testers” under close supervision will cover under this wireless fiber testing until the test goes public. Till then have to wait.