Tryan bell a 10 year old boy from Wilmington, North Carolina gain the attention of the nation after his story has shared on local Facebook group. The boy whose mother Tara Lawis had been going through the financial difficulties.

His mother has had to left work in order to look after his brother who’s recovering from an accident. To support his family and to buy school supplies he offered to mow the lawn.

A drive has started after his story get viral and soon he got enough school supplies, clothing and lawn equipment. The Initiative of the drive has taken up by the Theressa Babb, president of A1 security services.

Impressing with his son, Tryan told WWAY “ Tyran has always been the kind of the person that want to give and do things for other, so I think it’s a blessing because now that someone has been able to bless him, he is able to bless somebody else.”