You must have not seen this compassion before which a teen boy of Georgia showed on July 29.A boy named Phil Powell, 18 Year old worker at Walmart, took his shoes off his feet and gave it to a homeless man.

A lady, Myrna kines, who bring this act of nobility to the public was available there at that time. Sharing his experience with The Huffington post, she said that she just finished shopping when she saw all this and stunned.

She further added “I asked him to take his picture and he said why?. And I said “Because you deserve to be recognized”. Kines got live on Facebook immediately after taking the picture and post it with the whole incident.

“I have another pair of shoes. He doesn’t.” This is what motivates a teen Walmart worker to help a homeless needy man

During the talks with the edition, Powell told that he was homeless until he was 16. He checks receipt at the front of the store when he noticed the man as soon as he entered the store without shoes and left the store having only purchased a soda. “I have another pair of shoes. He doesn’t.” the only thought comes in my mind that time.

He also told that his sneakers were originally red, but he had bleached them pink to honor the grandmother who battled breast cancer.

Mike Kastensmidt, manager of the outlet told powell to go into shoe section and pick out any pair he wanted after knowing his act from kines.