Reassuring his fans “Supernatural” star, Jared Padalecki wrote on Facebook , in response to a man with a resemblance of Padalecki manage to allure the nation with his bizarre climb. This act comes into the notice of the actor on twitter, when his fans tweet the photo in which a man stands in solidarity with daredevil.

In his post he named the person #BizarroJarpad and wished him luck for climbing the trump tower. He further added to clear the things up “ I am safe and sound in Vancouver filming Supernatural. So please stop asking”

Initially, the actual climber identified as simply Steve from Virginia, was removed from the side of trump tower by police .He believed to climb the trump tower more than two hours earlier from the fifth floor of the building and removed at approx. 6:30 p.m.

According to the Video posted to YouTube, the reason for his act was to gain the attention of the Donald trump, GOI Presidential nominee. The Man said, “I would much less likely to notice if I had sought this via conventional way.”