Parrots Reinvents itself, the new adventure is waiting for you. Always seeking for innovations, parrot creates high-technology products to bring in your everyday life new forms of freedom.

Parrot announced its new minidrones Parrot Swing and Parrot Mambo. Parrot Swing is the only minidrone allowing you to pilot a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It’s also the only plane with autopilot and a vertical take-off and landing mode. Once it’s in the air, though, it can shift from quadcopter flight to a faster, more maneuverable horizontal flight mode more similar to a remote-control plane, at speeds that Parrot claims can reach up to 18 mph.

On the other hand, the parrot Mambo looks like a more traditional quadcopter at first glance. But this minidrone is full of surprises! Whether you equip it with the Cannon or the Grabber, it will turn the sky into a surprising playground of adventure. Speed or skill races, acrobatic challenges or tricks… take on any aerial combat.

Both drones can be controlled by a connected smartphone using Parrot’s FreeFlight Mini app, or with the optional $39.99 Parrot Flypad controller, which offers physical control sticks and an increased range. The Parrot Swing will cost $139.99 in a bundle that includes the Flypad controller, while the Mambo will run for $119.99 with the Cannon and Grabber attachments. They’ll both be available in September.