Unveiling its plan this week, Deep space industries announced the launch of a small satellite by the end of 2020 to survey near earth asteroid. The 50 kg satellite, will inherit radiation-tolerant payloads and avionics, is designed for this purpose. It will look for deposits of water ice that could be mined and used in the future.

Prospector-1 Mission, announced by the California based company to build a successor to its prospector-x test craft. Talking about Mission DSI Co-founder Rick tumlinson said “It is not only the first commercial interplanetary mission, it is also an important milestone in our quest to open the frontier”

“Prospector-1 Mission” disclosed by the Deep Space Industries to land on an asteroid

In a presentation about Prospector-1 during 30th annual conference on small satellites at Utah state university, Chief Engineer of DNI, Grant Bonin told “This is intended to be very low cost first commercial mission to an asteroid”. “Once the mapping is complete, prospector-1 will attempt a landing at “a site of interest which think is very prospective for detecting water” Bonin added further.

Landing of Prospector -1 would help Private companies to harvest space resources by  asserting commercial presence on an asteroids which can validate the policy for them.