Revealing its plan Russia military spoke about its plan to vanish the whole city of Severomorsk. It will use gigantic smoke screen for this purpose.

Severomorsk , on the country’s arctic coast, having the population of 50000 residents. “Its attempt to hide the city is a part of a military exercise.” Russia’s northern fleet announced.

If it comes to citizens their views are mixed. Svetlana, A local salesperson owing bookstore. “Every year they come up with something new. So it doesn’t bother me at all” She said.

“Let them do whatever they are intending. It’s all for our benefit” Mila Tsigareva,  working in a hardware store, said.

On the other hand, Statement from fleet reassured the citizens that the smoke would not harm any citizen because of harmless concentrations would be used to it.  “So, keep calm while under the Smoke,” fleet’s command requested.