The new teaser by Sia leaves our minds free to speculate about the possibility that the singer will soon amaze her fans with a new single called “We Are Your Children.”

She posted a 15-minute clip on Twitter and wrote “The Greatest – Coming Sept. 6.” So the question is: is Sia preparing a compilation of her Greatest Hits?

In the clip, we watch Maddie Ziegler, who is Sia’s regular video star.

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She wears rainbow makeup just like the makeup Ziegler and Sia had on when they took a picture a few days earlier. That could be a sign that Sia’s new single might have a pro-LGBT message.

Sia also made an appearance in My Little Pony: The Movie earlier this summer. She also provided the voice of a pony star, Songbird Serenade, and two of her songs will be heard at as the movie’s soundtrack.

And that’s not all. She also recorded a cover of The Beatles Blackbird which will feature in Beat Bugs, a forthcoming animated series in Netflix.