Commonly used Stingrays in the U.S, it paved the way to Vancouver’s and Edmonton’s police services. This comes into the notice when Edmonton police services admit themselves that it used the Surveillance device in the past during investigations.

After confirmation of using the phone, tracker to investigate an abduction in 2007 by Vancouver cops, the publication called up other local police stations in Canada to ask if they had also used it previously but no one admits.

“Stingrays” paved the way to Canada, Local police admits they owns it.

Stingrays mimic cell towers to force all phones in an area to connect to it. The device can then obtain identifying information from phones and Sim cards. Newer models have the feature of intercept and record voice calls and texts. Following the critics’ stingrays can’t program it to target the person who is under investigation, but everyone in an area.

Vancouver cops not owned the device, but borrowed it from Canada’s equivalent to the FBI, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Whereas Edmonton’s police services actually owns the device.