A smash occurred on the highway of Beijing brings the capabilities of Autopilot in question. A car parked at the edge of the highway Strike by the Tesla, owned by Luo Zhen. “Autopilot feature was active at the time and Luo didn’t have hands on wheels due to that car couldn’t respond to parked vehicle and collision happened.” Informed by Telssa’s spokesperson to Reuters Reports. This collision resulted in knocking off a side mirror and scraping up both the vehicles.

During the interview with Luo Zhen, He confirmed to Reuters that he was checking phone at the time and remove his hands from the wheels because the car was sold to him as a self-driving function. “Not only Luo had this complaint, but it was experienced by four other people.” Said Reuters.

Tesla Sales staff portrayed the system as fully autonomous. Tesla said the features is a driving assist not for completely autonomous driving. But it shows that China doesn’t have the clearest terminology for autonomous and semi-autonomous automotive tech.

Organizations raised the voice in this concern that how clearly Tesla explained the capabilities of autopilot or should change the name of the tech to prevent misconceptions.