If u really want to know what the real friendship is? Learn this from 14 year old Aiden Jackson of Widnes, England, who lost his friend, Olivia Walker, just at the age of 15. He was suffering from multiple disabilities (epilepsy, Scoliosis and global development delay) in February 2014.

Aidan who himself suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, began brainstorming creative ways to fund raise in honor of his late friend. He knew Oilvia’s love for stuffed animals, so he wanted to make use this to pay tribute to him.

At first he wanted to set a Guinness world record for the longest line of teddy bears. He dropped the idea, when he come to know that this record is already held by a late young boy, who passed last year. Than he came up the idea of placing teddies on each seat of local stadium. The Select Stadium, home of the Widnes Vikings Rugby Club, with the seating of 13000 people.

To spread the awareness among the peoples, first he emailed nearby schools and businesses, contacted local press and posted leaflets door to door. “We asked people to donate a teddy and a pound,” Aidan told TODAY.The response from the community was powerful, they receive 2000 bears immediately. Founding the response slow down, the Jackson than took the help of social media.

At last the final tally reached 10500 teddy bears. Now next step was to set them in Stadium which he did with the help of his family and some community volunteers. The stadium looks brighten with colors everywhere up.