Uber is struggling for stability from past few months. Firstly thousands of users deleted their accounts over the company tried to take advantage from taxi strike in response to Trump’s immigration ban. Than allegation by the former employee of sexual harassment spark criticism over working culture

Despite the all turmoil and following the departure of several high-level executives, company manage to restore its image as an attractive employee. According to recent diversity report, the majority of Uber’s workforce comprises of White and Asian males with tech and leadership personnel being less diverse than the workforce as a whole. As our chart illustrates though, Uber appears to be no more of a boys club than other companies in Silicon Valley. With 36 percent of the company’s employees being female, Uber actually has a larger share of women in its workforce than Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft do. In terms of tech and leadership roles, the company trails most of its peers though, showing that it has a long way to go in truly promoting diversity across its ranks.